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Each course costs $250. Register for more than three courses to receive marketing support and templates for designing banners and stories.


💐 Money Flowers Mastery: Transform money into artistic floral gifts with historical and modern designs.🌹 Jumbo Joy: Craft large, luxurious floral arrangements for grand events.🎈 Box & Balloon Beauty: Combine flowers and balloons for innovative designs.📈 Marketing Mastery for Florists: Learn targeted marketing strategies to attract premium clients.💰 Pricing and Packaging: Master pricing strategies and appealing packaging techniques.

🔖 Price: Each course costs $250.
🎁 Bonus: Register for more than three courses to receive marketing support and design templates for free!

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FREE Exclusive Marketing Tips

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Welcome to your floral design journey at 98 Flowers! We’re committed to nurturing your growth with personalized support and resources, ensuring you succeed as a florist. Join us to receive expert guidance every step of the way, with a satisfaction guarantee and continued access to our vibrant community. Embark on this vibrant path with confidence—enroll today and transform your passion into a flourishing career!

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